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Sickly Sunday

Feeling a bit under the weather today. I hate that during the summer! I can put up with sniffles and sore throats and even laryngitis during the ugly months, but not when the sun is shining. Disgusting!

Roddick lost to Federer. Yawn. What else is new? At least Roddick played well this week, showing some new fire and some real strategy.

Finally put up Chapter 7 of 'Paris' Confinement' to our Troy lists last night. I think I only have five chapters to go (only?). I am determined to finish this damn story.

In the meantime, I'm supposed to be writing a story in a 'vintage fandom' about someone becoming a priest (or priestess) for pre96. Can't get inspired for that. And, I wrote a drabble for ka100. I'm so impressed with Jim's ability to write drabbles, and I do think it's a 'quick and dirty' way to be creative.

Here's the link: "Another Life"

I'm taking tomorrow off, so I have four more work days until vacation! I can barely manage a woohoo.

And I'm now officially fat. I'm getting some kind of perverse pleasure out of being out of shape. One of these days the obsession will set in.

ETA: I can't bring myself to use the vomiting mood theme, so I gacked another one.

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