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48 hrs. until vacation!

So, two more days of work, and then I'm off for the two weeks of the U.S. Open, my annual vaca. Do I go to NYC to see the event? Hell, no! USA Network is my favorite place for 13 days or so.

We decided to bag the trip to Vegas, so $146 worth of BSB tickets will go to waste. Can't get our $$ back, so that's that. Not to mention the trip I bought at our auction, but at least I got the airfare out of it (like I need it).

Anyway, after a horrendous day at work, we spent the evening in the Ticketmaster suite at the Rose Garden watching the American Idol concert. Not bad. Talented kids. Constantine is a hottie. Anthony is so boy band, it's wonderful. Carrie can sing but barely perform. The two black chicks (sorry, can't remember their names) were fantastic, and Scott is surprisingly hot. My favorite song of the evening: Scott and the blonde chick singing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart.'

Can I repeat (for myself) that working with volunteers is wonderful -- it's just maddening and sometimes nearly impossible. And my head was throbbing by 3:00 p.m. today.

Gave a speech at Cynthia's retirement from her post as city liaison to special events. I was so choked up last night when I wrote it, I could barely get through it. But I was fine today. I'll miss her so much. 12 years of having her on the other end of every issue with all the bureaus. She'll stay a friend (one of my Vegas birthday buds), but it won't be the same at the city. *sigh* I was glad to see she wore pink today. I wore my 'think pink' bracelet she bought me at the Flamingo in April.

I'm letting Charlie turn some photos of me into icons. What the hell? What's with the anonymity bit, anyway? A picture won't make me any more or less obvious, I guess.
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