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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
New Orleans . . . 
28th-Aug-2005 11:25 pm
I feel sick right now, thinking of the Big Easy evacuated. One of my favorite cities in the world, at the total mercy of Mother Nature. I can't imagine those streets empty, much less under water. I can't imagine people huddled inside the same venue that holds the Endymion Ball every year.

I know I probably have plenty of people on my flist who already face these hurricanes every year, but it always seems just unbelievable to me that it can happen, over and over.

And now New Orleans, threatened as never before, even in the War of 1812.

My thoughts are with everyone with homes and property and heritage in New Orleans. I hope by next year to be planning a trip there, and that everything will be okay.

ETA: New default icon, made by Charlie of me during my birthday trip to Vegas, dancing the night away at Tangerine at Treasure Island (no photos of us passing the ice cube from mouth to mouth, girl/girl, boy/boy . . .).
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