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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Vaca, Day Two, Sucking. 
30th-Aug-2005 07:56 pm
colin blue: brn_gamble
So, around noon we finally had our kitty April put to sleep. We tried to let her 'die naturally' here at home, but she was really starting to suffer. She couldn't even keep water down, and I couldn't go through another day. So, Dr. McCoy did it himself on his lunch hour (wonderful, wonderful man). They had a special room just for the purpose, nice with plants and a comfortable spot for her. And it was so much better than what I remember from years ago with our cat Tiny.

April was really my cat (me, the 'primary lap'), but Charlie's the one who's cared for her all this time while she's been ill. She failed so suddenly and unexpectedly. I still can't quite believe it.

Thank God the weather cleared up today and I could take her outside for a while before the vet. She perked up and really enjoyed it, walked over to Indy to 'say goodbye,' although I still don't think he gets it. We kept her body and buried it already (Charlie did the digging, of course).

So, then we went to will call and left our four Chicago/Earth, Wind & Fire tix for Linda. Then an oil change for the car and a visit to DEQ (two months past due).

And now Andy Roddick is down two sets to love in round one of the U.S. Open. And I think somebody said it was his birthday!!!!

And, I just heard Colin's movie ('The New World') is not going to come out until Christmas (in limited release) or early January (for us, I'm sure). *cursing under my breath*

Is this day just destined to suck a big one?

ETA: Roddick just lost. Un-effing-believable.

ETA: (What happened to this edit?) I realize all this is nothing to the major suffering going on in the Gulf Coast and elsewhere, so I almost hesitated to post it at all.
31st-Aug-2005 03:37 am (UTC)
Yeah. It bites, all right.

Sorry about April. She's was the skinniest cat in the world at the end.

The New World not coming out until The New Year?????!!!!! WTF? What's the matter with it? Are they just having fear of the costume epic? Or fear of Colin screwing around with an underage girl? Or does it just suck?

Andy Roddick needs a new coach or a new attitude or both. I know he's supposedly really serious about his tennis right now, but he still plays like a college guy on steroids, trying to muscle his way around the court and getting out-finessed by the talented guys (like Federer) or out-muscled by the freaks of nature (like this Muller dude). Watch this kid go out to the next comer.

And, in the meantime, American tennis takes another hit.

Hey, hang in there, Mistress!
31st-Aug-2005 08:18 am (UTC) - Sorry!
I really hope things improve starting tomorrow, MM. You deserve a nice vacation!

So sorry things are sucking...

Many, many hugs. (I had to go make this icon just for writing to you!


31st-Aug-2005 08:20 am (UTC)
How awful. I hope Diana sticks around a while. She seems okay, even though she's obviously not at her best.

Take care!
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