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Nadal is due on Center Court tonight. Wonder what color tight shirt he'll wear. In the meantime, we've been lazing around all day. Stayed up all night playing games in between watching disaster coverage, so I slept in this morning. It's a beautiful day here, but we've mostly let it go to waste. Indy seems to be sick (of course), and it's hard to tell if he misses April or understands she's really gone.

Agassi plays in the afternoon tomorrow. Surprised they didn't give him the night match. Blake got it, instead.

Shout out to the Roddick fans on my flist. I know they're bummed by his quick exit, and I can totally empathize (having been there too many times in the past). When I think of all those disgusting Lendl finals where he kicked Johnny Mac's butt . . .

I don't really feel motivated to write fanfic. Nobody commented on the latest chapter of 'Paris' Confinement,' but I'd still like to finish it, just to get it done and move on to other things. In the meantime, I want to write a King Arthur drabble for the ka100 community. I've never gotten much involved with slashthedrabble.

I'm really enjoying vacation, overall, putting no pressure on myself. The biggest decision is whether to give $$ to the Red Cross or N.W. Medical Teams.

ETA: Here's a link to my drabble "No Dusty Death" for anyone interested.
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