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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Sometimes people suck (and not in a good way) 
2nd-Sep-2005 01:21 pm
I was appalled to hear that heartofslash had racist comments posted to her wonderful 'Kingdom of Heaven' stories that feature Saladin.

This makes me sick. I know it happens. I hear about this sort of thing, but I'm still innocent enough about all this LJ stuff to be amazed. Naturally, the comments were anonymous. Here at LJ it's easy enough to check up on each other if we're registered users. This is why I gack IPs of anonymous folks, just so I can let them know I care where they are, if nothing else.

Why would you take the time to even read something if you're racist or anti-slash (or anti-mpreg or anti-whatever)? I have to think it's coming from someone registered at a community where she posts who wants to go in and say something without it being traced and doesn't have the courage to do so openly. (Cowardly friggers!)

And, yes, people are racist, even in fandom. As I mentioned in Haleth's LJ, we have lots of people who are anti-Bagoas at our Alexander lists, mostly because he's Persian, not Macedonian/Greek (Eastern, not Western). Oh, they wouldn't agree with that if they read it. They'd say it's because Alexander/Hephaistion is the One True Pairing and Jared Leto is so beautiful as Hephaistion and blah blah blah. But much of it is just racist. Charlie and I encountered the same phenomenon when we started loving the Backstreet Boys and read how many of the fans reacted to Howie and his ethnicity. ("He's so dark and ugly!" Um, you mean he's Latino?)

(Hmmmm . . . takes me back to leod casting Howie in the role of Bagoas in his fantasy LJ.)

In the light of current events (remember those people suffering and dying right this minute down south?), it's especially sickening. I know the Saladin thing gets those anti-Muslim folks worked up. But 'Kingdom of Heaven' was clearly designed to make us see both sides, albeit in a somewhat clumsy and heavy-handed way. I just find it sadly ironic.

Still, regardless of your likes, dislikes, religious affiliation or political views, if you don't enjoy the stuff you're reading, 'turn the damn channel' LJ style! This isn't a school assignment. Nobody's forcing you to read it.

ETA: Here's a link to Haleth's website Heart of Slash for some good fanfic reads.
2nd-Sep-2005 09:54 pm (UTC) - Man!
I hate racism. Yeah, we're ALL guilty of it now and then. But we need to make an effort NOT to be. And it especially bugs when people just won't be honest about their racist behaviors...

(I added heartofslash because of your post, anyway. Just thought I'd mention it.)

(Say! Why doesn't leod write in that LJ? Do you know?)

Yeah, I agree about all the ANTI this and that fanfic readers! Just skip reading if you know you won't like it! Get OVER your hate -- or at least take it somewhere else!!! Man.

Thanks for sharing. Yeah, in light of the racist situation down south, it's even more appalling...


3rd-Sep-2005 06:23 am (UTC)
I keep hearing about stuff like this, and I keep expecting it to happen to me (especially since I write some pretty raw stuff and share it openly).

Good for you for 'outing' this crap. It gets really old.

I've read a couple of those fics with Saladin, and it's well-written and hot stuff.

I'll join up and give my support.
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