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Good news about New Orleans?

Just reading on msn.com, and they listed some of the historic spots in New Orleans and what the current status was. Don't know how much we can trust this info, but a couple of things were good news:

St. Louis Cathedral, still standing. Not sure how damaged, but it's still there. Wonder how Jackson Square, the beautiful park right outside fared . . . I can feel myself sitting on a bench there right this minute.

Cafe du Monde, still standing. I love this spot, for whatever reason. So close to the Mississippi River, I automatically figured it was underwater. (Makes me want a beignet!)

St. Louis Cemetery is in the flood area, so no word on how bad it is. Marie Laveau's grave is probably destroyed (can't believe she'd let that happen). I wonder about the chapel nearby (Our Lady of Guadelupe Catholic Church?) and the mysterious saint inside.

Part of the facade of Commander's Palace was destroyed. No mention of Lafayette Cemetery right across the street.

The U.S. Mint building (now a museum that Charlie and I visited a few years ago) is still standing, but no word on how much damage inside.

Pat O'Brien's and Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop escaped the floods.

We were really planning a trip back to New Orleans next winter/spring. I doubt we'll be going now.

This city will come back, but it will take a long time to heal, I think, both in body and spirit.
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