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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
"The weakness in your game . . ." 
4th-Sep-2005 01:19 pm
Who is the idiot from CBS who insulted Hewitt in front of the entire stadium full of tennis fans? ("He really exposed the weakness in your game.") I hope she's looking for a new gig right now. It's one thing to be a hard-hitting reporter (uh, yeah), and another to be interviewing the winner of a tennis match in front of a gallery of thousands. (No doubt someone forced her to say it . . . we love to hate Hewitt in this country, being the big ugly Americans we are.)

I'm sure Hewitt was muttering "you bleeding bitch" as he walked away. He should have been.

That said, Hewitt did show a bit of weakness (can you say "Pussy"?) today. I thought he had handed the match to Dent at 4/3 in the fifth set, but he managed to perservere, thank God.

After snoozing through most of that match (having stayed up all night), I watered, fertilized and clipped the flowers and plants in the backyard this morning. Today is much nicer than they said. We'll see if we get thunderstorms later.

Now I want Starbuck's and a nice ride. (Gotta get some gas if we're going to take that ride. Hope it's not too hard to do.)

To all my American friends, Happy Labor Day Weekend!
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