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Icons, icons, icons!

Well, since my birthday my wonderful friends have been sending me new icons, but I couldn’t upload them because I hadn’t paid my LJ account. Thanks so much to darling Kevin kevinr for paying me up when he was doing his own account. I promised that if he’ll post more, so will I.

(Thanks to Nik nk_seashore for the “AI Fan,” “Barefoot” and “Waterfall” icon. And a huge thanks to Kevin for specially designing “High Maintenance” for me and then surprising me with “Ravish Me.” I love you both. And if I get rid of one of the Howie icons, I’ll have room for the Marilyn “Luv U” icon. Also, thanks to Charlie charliemc for re-doing my default icon.)

Someday I’ll start making my own icons.

So, weather. It’s all about weather now. The forecast is great. In fact, it’s too great. We’re wasting all this good weather too early. We’re supposed to hit 80 tomorrow, the first time this year. I was going to try to skip out early, but now we have a 5:30 managers meeting. So, instead I’m taking Saturday off! That will be my last day off before I work 27 in a row.

I ran on the treadmill after Idol last night, just to be sure I can do the 5k next weekend. I was fine for three miles, easy. A lot of the race is uphill, but it shouldn’t kill me. I just have no idea what to do for a costume (since it’s a ‘fun run’). I’m just stumped.

Speaking of running, I never officially congratulated Carrie czarina_carrie in this journal for her 10-mile run last month. I was sorry she couldn’t find a reasonable half-marathon to do in her area, but her time for the ten miles was fabulous (less than ten minute miles – my god)! Her support helped get me through my own half-marathon.

Well, I’m both sad and satisfied about Idol. I’m sad it’s over, but satisfied with the overall result. I love both Kelly and Justin (in fact, I love Nikki, Tamyra, Ryan, RJ and many others), but this season was far superior to last. And I loved all the hype. I’m usually far outside this kind of buzz, so it was fun to be part of it all.

I wore my Idol shirt (from last November’s concert) to our court judging last night. Many of the girls on the court were pulling for Clay – it surprised me. I could see some of them were actually hot for him! (It kind of explains the whole ‘Achin’ for Clay’ thing, I guess.)

Anyway, I got home before 9:00, so I saw most of the show. The night before I was at a dinner and missed it all, so I watched it on tape when I got home. (That only took about 35 minutes, since nearly half the time is taken by commercial breaks.)

I heard on ‘Access Hollywood’ that Simon called in to some show in L.A. this morning and claimed that Clay had seen the card in advance. Simon just loves to stir things up!

Have I mentioned that reading Peter greyday and Ryan's ryan_beaches journals is just delightful? I’m so glad to have them as new friends. I’m now picturing them as Simon and Ryan, and it’s working well for me. (Don’t laugh, guys.) I’m spending my lunch hour (ha!) doing a little surfing while I watch ‘Access Hollywood’ and eat a grapefruit, and I nearly choked over Ryan’s “Uni-Brow Attack” post. Hilarious.

Okay, somebody restrain me from buying anything stupid in that Britney auction. I don’t need her MTV Music Awards slave costume. Really, I don’t. (In fact, I just deleted my slave icon to fit in all the new ones!)

Back to work!
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