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Have I mentioned lately that I love Andre Agassi (the 'elder statesman')? Of course, he did torture me for a couple hours, but it was worth it in the end.

Sue was here for dinner (fried green tomatoes) and the three sisters shouted their lungs out during this match (and it got a little blue in the room, I must say).


Agassi can beat Ginepri easy, can't he?

My goal was to see Andre make it to the second week. Now he's made it to the second weekend, the tenth time in 20 years.

Amazing. Like McEnroe said, it made him proud to be a tennis player.

For me, I think both McEnroe brothers need to bend over and take it from Agassi right now for counting him out a dozen times or more before and during this match. As my Dahmer icon would say (if anyone had made me one), "Eat me!"

(Thanks, Andre, for a memorable Wednesday night.)

ETA: Gotta mention that Andre blows snot out of his nose better than anybody I've ever seen. He had Sue completely grossed out!
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