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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
What a week! 
14th-Sep-2005 11:19 pm
Is it really Wednesday? My god, where has this week gone? I just forced myself awake from an exhausted nap.

Things are happening too fast, and now I have a *job interview* next Tuesday! How did that happen? I haven't had a job interview in years. It's surreal. I guess it's good for me, though. We'll see where it all leads. This week has been both industrious and frustrating, and I realize I'll never really get ahead.

Somehow got bills paid today (so they don't turn off the electricity!), and now I have to go pack for my two-night trip to the Pendleton Round-Up. This is my first trip to the actual Round-Up, one of the world's famous rodeo celebrations. I've been to Pendleton a jillion times, and their courts and riders are in our parade every year, but now it's time to 'Let 'Er Buck!'

I talked to Mark this afternoon and he said I would have an absolute blast. He said somebody would be pressing alcohol into my hands every second and that I'd be treated like a queen. Of course I'll be there with our 18-year-old queen and her chaperone (and our board president and her husband), so I can't go too crazy. (He also said really nice things about what a hottie I am and how he wished he could be there with me . . .)

Anyway, I'm proud that I managed to buy nothing but jeans and a used pair of cowboy boots for $6.99. I could have gone nuts. But now I have to pack and figure out what I'm wearing to the busy schedule of events. We leave by noon tomorrow for the 3+ hr. drive.

I guess I should take our camera . . . maybe I'll see if I can get one from work.

Love to all my flist and I'll 'see ya' next week!

ETA: What 'LOTR' actor did Jay Leno just say loved to surf the web and look at manips (he didn't use that term) of himself in 'compromising' positions with other guys? Omg, fuel to the fire! (And, as Jay said, "That will put an end to the gay rumors."!)

ETA: Britney had her baby boy! Just had to mention.
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