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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Not the best week ever . . . 
20th-Sep-2005 07:38 pm
Today, three weeks from the day we had April put to sleep, we said goodbye to Indy for the last time.


He just couldn't live without her. I believe he was starving himself and denying himself water for some time now. And his systems were shutting down. He was ready to go.

What will it be like to walk into the house and not wait to hear their sounds? How many months will I continue to guard the door when I go get the mail, afraid one or the other will bolt out into the dangerous world? Will we put up the "fishing rod" toy she would paw at when she wanted to sit back on her haunches and watch us run around with it? What will it be like to go in and look at Charlie napping without a cat at either her feet or her head?

Things will be different, that's for sure.

And today I had my first job interview in . . . what? . . . years, I guess. Crazy. So odd to be on the other end of those questions, especially for a company that asks about spiritual and moral values. I just out-and-out couldn't answer those questions and made that clear.

So much for that one!

And Jeff and I had the 'hard talk' today about our staff. So many of the people I love working with and respect and care about . . . (And then that annoying meeting about our builder contract!)

Anyway, I just posted my weekly drabble to ka100, moderated many posts at our lists and decided to update here. Tomorrow I have to get my brain screwed into auction programming and try to get my desk cleaned up.

I'll post about the Pendleton Round-Up later. What a fascinating event -- and even more fascinating community and culture!

I have a headache, and it's almost time for "The Biggest Loser." Any minute now I'm going to be inspired to get back into shape. Any minute.

ETA: This is a highly derivative drabble based on my fantasy of Alecto coming back to Britain to be with Arthur, Rite of Passage
21st-Sep-2005 05:20 am (UTC)
Jesus, I can't believe all the cat drama. I'm sorry you and Charlie are going through the same thing. Hopefully you'll have other pets.

Take care.
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