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Day off!

We got up relatively early this morning, got coffee (thanks, Joey!), went for a ride (sorry, Joey) and then went shopping. My assistant got engaged this week and had a birthday, so I needed to get her a Target gift card. That meant I also needed to get a bunch of other stuff that I didn't really need.

My sister Sue and her granddaughter went along for the ride. Then she drove me down to the office to pick up the rig, and after that Charlie and I headed to Target. This car has a CD-player that holds six, and did we ever enjoy loading it up! Right now it has Kelly, American Idol love songs, Nick Carter, Justin Timberlake, Britney and Backstreet's Chapter One The Hits. How perfect!

Hello to new friend Muffy Kay kittenmuffy! I'm having a hard time getting my journal to show her in my friends view. (As usual, LJ is having some issues.) Muffy, if you want to read AI slashed, you should join Joey's fatjoey American Idol fanfic list. Here's the link:


Last night the managers went to Who Song & Larry's and had a few drinks. We couldn't get on the deck, because the wait was an hour and a half. I had two margaritas, and that meant I ended up sleeping on the couch, dead to the world. (I'm a complete lightweight!)

It never rained (at least not yet), and the weather continues to look promising. We'll see. In the meantime, two of our acts won CMAs this week (Joe Nichols and Emerson Drive)! I need to run tonight (on the Tmill), because in one week I'm doing the 5k. (Still haven't decided on a 'costume.')

I want to do Nik's survey, but I'm feeling lazy and Joey came over and wants to play Civ III. So we'll take turns.

Hope this posts, as boring as it is. LJ is acting very hormonal!

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