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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Yes, I really do read your LJs! 
9th-Oct-2005 12:01 am
Gacked this quiz from brn_gamble. I loved taking this one and identifying excerpts from my flister's LJs.

My results were fantastic! See the stats under the cut:

Game over.
Learn anything?
That's right...
The entries are cached.

Well, let me break it down for you:

You have a total of 79 friends
You requested to guess 79 entries.
10 were skipped due to invalid content (surprising?).
You made 69 guesses.
You got 68 correct.
Doing the math for you, that means you got 98% correct

I only missed one question! Try it. It's so fun (especially when you have 'celebrity journals' on your flist, like I do).

Guess that Friend

ETA: She so looks like she's lip-synching again, even though she sounds yucky. Considering she can't sing, I don't expect much.
9th-Oct-2005 08:51 pm (UTC)
I never doubted it for a minute!
10th-Oct-2005 06:13 am (UTC)
10th-Oct-2005 06:13 am (UTC)
That incredible! To be able to answer 68 correct is really amazing. You clearly read a lot of the entries written by others. (And remember them.) I'm impressed.

(Not that I doubt the power of your mind for even one instant.)
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