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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Late Night Potpourri! 
10th-Oct-2005 11:07 pm
Gotta stay awake! We've got Keira Knightley on Jay Leno tonight, Orli on Dave Letterman and a repeat of Ioan on Conan. Glad I'm an expert surfer ('cause I'll need to be)!

I think I'll wash my hair tonight to get an extra 15 minutes in the morning. Executive Committee meets at 7:30, and I have three early-morning meetings in a row where I need to be awake and effective.

So today we talked to Carol and told her about her new job responsibilities and that she'll be reporting to me from here on out. I hope she's okay with it. I look forward to seeing how it goes, and it will be nice just to have the chance to sit and chat with her informally at some point this week.

I'm amazed at how Adrian is holding up. And today it was wonderful to exchange hilarious emails with Kelly, Andie, Jenny and Adrian. Andie was right -- just because we're no longer all under the same roof, we can still stay in touch and keep each other smiling, Andie in Chicago, Kelly across town and Adrian wherever she ends up. I just love these people, and I won't lose their spirit.

Speaking of spirit, I have to comment on the depth of imagination and talent of the active participants at the ka100 drabble community. I'm so impressed with how one after another manages to come up with such fascinating insights into the lives (and deaths) of the Sarmatian knights. This is one genre that has definitely been enhanced by fandom. The fans have done so much more with the story than the author/director/producer ever did.

ETA: Just read Jim's post. And, yes, I was watching 'Medium' (sorta) and I heard 'Scars' playing! (And I agree that the show is annoying this season, and it's too bad.)

ETA again: Happy birthday to kevinr!!!!!!!!! And welcome to LJ to my old pal kitrocks! I was thrilled to see him post today!
11th-Oct-2005 06:25 am (UTC) - I love you.
I'm so inspired by the way you live your life. You're a positive person who doesn't let the crap get her down. That's really a great thing, MM.

I don't even know your co-workers and I can feel for them -- and feel proud of them. That's so cool.

I've been BAD about reading at ka100 this week. Sigh. Just working with Chad and his home schooling and anxious to prove I haven't bitten off too much here. LOL. It is cool when fans improve on the original effort through fanfic! (Like the S.W.A.T. fandom!)

Yeah, I think "Medium" sucks this season! (If it ain't broke, don't fix it, idiots! I wonder how the ratings are this year?)


11th-Oct-2005 06:01 pm (UTC) - Re: I love you.
Try home-schooling an autistic seventeen year old who is both brilliant and completely lazy - not to mention two years behind because of the freaking high school. You haven't bit off too much. Remember that as a homeschooler, less is more. You're giving more time and effort and attention than any schooling system could possibly manage. Don't overset the goals (for yourself) either. I have to keep reminding several other parents here in my support group who worry that their children are actually ahead of the school system. You can accomplish the school's goals for the day in a mere hour usually. *snorts* Wish I'd started when Jeremy was younger. He'd be IN college right now.
11th-Oct-2005 06:17 pm (UTC) - Wow.
I can't imagine how hard it must be for you. Whew. And it's not like 17-year-olds are easy to deal with, autistic or no...

You have my total admiration.

What are the laws about home schooling like in Michigan? I was surprised when I finally checked into things here in Cali. We're doing this via a virtual school. (You can't just home school yourself in California unless you're a certified teacher. I didn't realize that until this past summer. I thought I'd just be able to get materials and do it all myself. ROFL.)

According to the guidelines, we're supposed to put in five hours each day, believe it or not! That's ridiculous. Chad's so smart he can do his lessons in no time at all. He's already starting to read. (He just turned five on July 1.) I'm so proud of how hard he applies himself. (He's like Jim in the way he focuses on things. Maddeningly serious. LOL.)

OK, and where DID your adult fanfics go? (Yeah, I'm supposed to email you. Pretend this is me doing that. I've become so bad about finding time for writing emails! LOL. Anyway, you can email me back at: brn_gamble at yahoo.com, if you want to and tell me. Maybe?) I'm into fanfic (as my friends all know)... Yeah, that's totally random. LOL. That's how I am!

I'm going to look into a local support group. (Maybe one the school recommends would be a good idea...) I love interacting with other moms. (It's a joke at our house that I'm the mommy!)


12th-Oct-2005 06:57 am (UTC) - Re: I love you.
Snogging you. I don't really have to try to be positive. I'm lucky to have always felt good about life in general.

I sense you're the same, dude!
11th-Oct-2005 03:06 pm (UTC)

You make me feel that you are an intelligent, yet sensitive person and you stay on the positive wave length.

I wish I could be more like you.

12th-Oct-2005 06:57 am (UTC)
You're so sweet, koi. I hope if I have any influence on my friends and co-workers, it's to love and enjoy life as much as possible every single day.
12th-Oct-2005 02:56 pm (UTC)
Wonderful advice.

11th-Oct-2005 06:08 pm (UTC)
Waah! And I missed all that! drat. That's what I get for working the shift I do.

I'm quite glad you're in the KA100 group. It wouldn't be the same without you. Everyone is quite coming along on the whole "story in a 100 words" thing. I never thought I could do it. And now I look forward to the weekly prompt.

I look forward to seeing your posts on my flist as well. It's nice to share the trials and tribulations of other people, isn't it? I mean, that's what friends are for, but sometimes I think R/L friends that don't use the Net just don't share as much and it's harder to relate to them. My Caz and Beloved are great chatters on Yahoo Messenger. I think I actually know them better as men and people because we have to relate via the written word more due to the long distances involved. (Beloved lives about sixty miles from me and Caz is away a lot on business.)

*blushes at the rambling* Geez, I think Bri's encouragement of me posting more has already had an effect. I've blabbed more in the last week than I have in the last year.


12th-Oct-2005 07:01 am (UTC)
PeeK, how sweet to say that about the KA drabble community! I think there's so much talent and so many open and sharing people there. It's what fandom and fanfic should be like, and I really love it.

Yes, I never thought I'd enjoy LJ so much, reading about my flister's lives, reading fanfic, looking at interesting icons and doing an occasional rant or fun meme. I always felt like chatting was such a loss, because it just ended up in the ozone. But this lasts (at least somewhere out there in the land that Ecstasy built).

I'm glad Brian is influencing you to post more! It's got to be good for you!
12th-Oct-2005 01:32 am (UTC)
Sounds like it would be fun to work with you. I know you work hard and eveyrthing and it sounds like people love working with you.

Yeah, I like reading the drabbles at that list and I should put more comments in but I figure people don't know me and probably would wonder why I was commenting. Your drabbles are wonderufl (and so are Jims).
12th-Oct-2005 07:02 am (UTC)
Thank you, Bobby. Snogging you, darling.

You should always comment if you read something you like. The author will appreciate it whether he/she knows you or not, believe me! It's a good thing -- always!
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