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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Woohoo! I did it! 
11th-Oct-2005 11:35 pm
dance-mm: brn_gamble
I finally came up with a drabble for the ka100 community! I had such a hard time getting inspired by the theme, 'Whisper of Angels.' I couldn't get past the obvious reference to angels, couldn't stop taking it too literally and finding it anachronistic in the Fifth Century world of that genre.

Then it suddenly came to me, as I should have known it would.

Anyway, here's the link if you have time to read 100 words: "Whisper My Name"

What a long, long, long day (even though I only worked until 5:30). Executive Committee went the full two hours, staff meeting went an hour and a half, then we met with the new Superintendent of Schools and then I had a dozen calls to make and the auction catalog to help proof. Jenny and I scarfed down Quiznos sandwiches (messy!) at around 2:30 (note to self: I owe Jenny $5).

'The Biggest Loser' was so inspiring tonight. So did I work out? Uh, no. They're going one direction, I'm going another . . .

Loved both Keira and Orli on late night last night. And the repeat with Ioan was lovely, too. (Keira's new movie looks like a rockin' good time in a music video sort of way.)

Didn't manage to get to the store to get 'Kingdom of Heaven.' *Pout* Tomorrow I have to go find Rolling Stones tongue t-shirts for our dancers, so I'll grab one then. After that, I have to find a way to write both a Colin Farrell slash adventure set in the KOH genre and some kind of mpreg. These are must-dos!
12th-Oct-2005 06:54 am (UTC) - You. Rock. Man!
I LOVE (love, love) that drabble, MM. Beautiful. (Almost made me cry.)

I'd also love to see you do a Colin Farrell KoH crossover fanfic!!! Can't wait.

And would the mpreg be KoH, too?

I'd like to get that DVD, but money's a little tight right now. Oh well. Maybe we'll be able to afford it around Christmas. Never can tell!

We had to stay up last night to see that repeat of Ioan, too! You know, because of Jimmy's current obsession with writing Ioan/Clive slash. LOL.

You work way too hard, MM! (And do you mean you didn't eat all day until 2:30? That's BAD!) I need to 'mother' you, I think...

Um. I haven't even tried to do the ka100 challenge yet. So... LOL.


12th-Oct-2005 11:38 am (UTC)
an mpreg? a new mpreg? *ferrets and strats trying to send mental "you-want-to-write-Bagoas-mpreg" messages*
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