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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Just trying to keep up -- 
27th-May-2003 02:16 am
It's after 2:00 a.m. and Charlie's cleaning the fish (Kevvie). I napped after our float testing, then woke up to some Planet of the Apes movie (Escape, I think). Then I turned on Conan, and there was Ryan Seacrest, a repeat from January. (Delightful! I just love the way this guy makes fun of himself and all his prissy ways. He's more high maintenance than I am!)

Missed Clay on TRL today. Sue called at work and told us Clay and Ruben were on the Today Show, and we caught a little of it. It looked like it was rainy and miserable in NYC. It was relatively warm and dry here (statistics have it raining in Portland about one third of the time on Memorial Day).

So, now I'm letting my tanning stuff dry while I catch up here. It was pretty quiet today, so I'm assuming most people had the day off and hopefully enjoyed it. We worked from 8:00-7:00, so only 11 hours. But I was beat. Tomorrow I have court judging from 8:00 a.m. until about 1:30. Then I'm in the office the rest of the day. Wednesday and Thursday are all-day judging and events for me. Our Queen's Coronation is Thursday evening.

I feel pretty uninspired about the Coronation this year. I'm sure it will be perfect (I finally finished all my parts of the script today), but it doesn't have the spark of recent years. No boyband, no big production number. The opening song is cheesy (what do you expect when our theme is "Fun, Fantasy & Fanfare"?!). At least we're using Kelly's 'A Moment Like This' as our tribute song, and that will be nice.

Charlie and I were not taking it very seriously today while I was writing the 'Queen's Proclamation' (to open our festival). It was feeling more proctological and proclamatory. Anyway . . .

Tomorrow night I need to run, because that's the last chance I'll have until Saturday. And I just keep eating. My appetite is scary. (At least I didn't have a corndog today when we toured our Waterfront Village!)

So, for the next three days I wear the uniform. At least I don't have to wear it Friday night at our sponsor reception -- because that has a tropical theme!

My interview was in the Vancouver Columbian today, but I never saw it. I had my sister Sue pick me up a copy, and I got an email from Johnny about it. (Hi, guy! Miss you, just in case you're reading this!)

I just took time to read Ryan's ryan_beaches latest chapter of 'Idols of the King.' Very entertaining. It has Simon taking the high road with Carmen. If you're interested, he has it in his LJ (although he doesn't have part one up there, unfortunately). Kevin says he's going to host Ryan when he revamps the website this summer, and I think that's a great idea (we need Idol fic at the site).

Nik nk_seashore sent me a link to a fascinating website about copyright and trademark infringement. It really shows that RP fic is safer when it comes to potential liability over fanfic. I can't imagine what it's like to get a Cease & Desist letter from one of this places like Paramount or Disney, but it seems ridiculous to me. Fanfic just keeps the fan base vibrant and growing. Why fight it? I guess lots of it has to do with intellectual property rights.

This is too long and extremely tedious. And I need to get some more sleep before tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep up, but if not, I'll be back eventually! Best wishes to all my LJ friends.
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