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Hanging tough on Friday afternoon . . .

I wanted in the worst way to bail on the rest of the day, but instead I'm here getting ready for my Saturday afternoon of interviews. It took extreme willpower to get my butt here.

And since I did, I wrote myself an affirmation.

"Huh?" you say.

Well, if you're tired of reading nothing but rants in your flist's LJs (and I admit, rants are fun, but occasionally we need something different), you might consider joining a new community where nothing but the positive is posted: my_affirmations

In my opinion, everyone should learn to say good things about themselves sometimes. We're all too hard on ourselves, too down on ourselves. "I'm too fat," "I'm an idiot," "I'm a mess." People who know me will tell you that I'm okay with an occasional "I screwed up," but I won't listen to blanket statements that say "I am bad." I think they turn into self-fulfilling prophecies and excuses.

So join up and look for good things about yourself you can share with like-minded folks! The maintainer is joelacritter.

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