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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Being Productive! 
30th-Oct-2005 10:56 pm
jessica -- really look: brn_gamble
Worked on bills and cleaning out my container of important papers (mortgage, home insurance, health insurance, taxes, annuities, 401k, etc., etc.). Then did the shopping I needed to. Drove to Seaside and went to the Jones New York outlet store for my annual trip to save money. Got two suits and two more blazers for less than $250 (and got to use my $100 coupon). One of them was a new navy blue blazer for my uniform (which I'll need to wear for the Fall meeting in less than two weeks).

Then we went grocery shopping, trying to stay within the new budget. We didn't do badly.

Tomorrow I'm gonna see about cashing out that one lousy annuity to pay off the one credit card bill. When I'm all done, I think we'll be in good shape for the next year. We just have to live with it, and we're both committed.

(I need to do an affirmation based on all this.)

This has been my most prolific month of blogging ever. That will definitely change in a couple days when NaNoWriMo starts.

I guess I'm not gonna get that damn book read, since that's one of the things I did not get done this weekend. Maybe I'll go read for a while now.

Happy Halloween!!!! (almost)

ETA: Forgot to call about Carol's condition today, so I must do that in the morning to see how she's doing and if they took her off life support. My email's down today, so if anyone has written, sorry about that! Charlie will have to get it fixed tonight.
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