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I'm happy!

Sure, LiveJournal is often a great place to vent and to let people know about the problems you're facing. But for me today, this is a great place to share ten random things I'm happy about right now. So, here goes!

I’m happy Rose Festival is over and summer has started!

I’m happy Leo and Johnny are engaged!

I’m happy Nik’s surgery was successful.

I’m happy gay sex is not a criminal act anymore.

I’m happy Demi Moore is so hot at 40!

I’m happy I’m getting my medical tests done today, so I won’t have to worry about them for the next few weeks.

I’m happy Britney went back to blonde.

I’m happy I’m working out again.

I’m happy my friend Marcia got a clean bill of health recently.

I’m happy we’re going to meet Kit and Alex this week!

I'm living in the moment today and enjoying it. I hope all my wonderful LJ friends are doing well.

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