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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Dreaming about Ryan . . . 
6th-Nov-2005 11:58 am
boys with toys: charliemc
Sleeping through America's Top 40 isn't a great idea unless you're prepared to dream about Ryan Seacrest . . . interesting. (And it made me think of my LJ pal ryan_beaches. I miss him, Peter and P.J., who just turned 13.)

I've been really out of it this weekend, playing computer games and doing a little research for NaNoWriMo. ("Research!" you say. "That's not the idea of NaNo!") Ridiculous, I know. I should just be writing, but I haven't been in the mood.

It actually has stopped raining for a few hours. I got the paperwork to cash in my annuity to pay off the credit card bill. At least I got that done. The budget thing is shaping up, and it feels good to be getting a handle on the finances.

But here's an exciting discovery! nevcolleil wrote a S.W.A.T. ficlet! And it's a good morning after fanfic which I won't describle any more in fear of giving it away. Check it out: Aftermath
6th-Nov-2005 11:53 pm (UTC) - Thanks.
I loved the read and appreciate the rec, Marilyn.

And research away, NaNo or no. (NaNo or no? That sounds odd...) Why not? I'd think that each person approaches the writing differently, after all.

Good luck on managing your bills. I'll need some help with all that now, I think...
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