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Quick Post

I don't even have time to angst about how busy today was. Note to self: All Mondays will not be like this! Yes, I will probably have close to 50 emails by the time I turn on my computer . . . No, I will not have a morning meeting. No, I will not have a board meeting agenda to compile before that meeting . . . No, I will not have an important interview with the Oregonian by noon . . . no I will not have five budgets due.

Today was an anomaly.

And I want to go do the treadmill, even though I have an Executive Committee meeting at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow. I just think it would do me good.

I got through 1994 on my NaNo timeline. (Gee, that only leaves 11 years!) Uh, I'm 7.7 percent of the way there. I have a lot of writing to do, but now I'm telling myself that I work best under pressure, so this will be good for me. (At least I'm thinking a lot now about my story and about stuff I want to write after spending a few days wondering why I ever chose the subject I did.)

Peace out.

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