Mistress Marilyn (mistressmarilyn) wrote,
Mistress Marilyn

Tennis sucks!

No, I wasn't sorry to see Mauresmo win yesterday, even if I was pulling for a resurging Mary Pierce. But Andre playing like crap then withdrawing right after it was announced that Rafael was also withdrawing with an injury . . . that's too much.

And of course Roddick and Hewitt had already pulled out, Roddick because he frankly needs the time to regroup and Hewitt because the wifey couldn't manage to give birth without him at her side (uh huh, sure).

I can appreciate that at the old, old age of 35 Andre is bound to be injured half the time, but Nadal is too young and too hot athletic to be bunged up already. And Puerta making the Masters? The guy is about to be banned for life from the sport! It's ludicrous.

Tennis sucks sometimes.
Tags: tennis

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