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Time to work . . .

Another beautiful day. Decided to finally get up, do a load of laundry and get the moderation done at the lists. The good weather is supposed to last through Thanksgiving, so Wednesday we'll drive to Clatskanie and go to Humps for pie. (Wonder if we should invite Sue to go along . . . ?)

Now I need to buckle down and try to knock off a few thousand words on NaNo.

I'm using titles of different fanfics for my chapter names. It's funny (a real 'inside joke') and inspiring, the way I'm often inspired by just a word or a challenge. I have a few favorites I still need to use, and a few chapters I still need to name. (Last night I used 'Colin Farrell's Adventures in Slash'!)

I've already written my dedication, although it may not end up working for the story, depending on where the next 20,000 words go. I'm starting to understand why you need more like 75,000 words for a real book.

I need to force myself to write three more of the date narratives, then the rest can just flow from events and people and other random stuff.

Better quit 'talking' about it and start actually writing!

ETA: Who the hell is Sienna Miller, anyway? Why is she so famous suddenly? (I can't believe that new haircut, although it's cute.)

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