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Friday is going fast!

What a busy week! I’m finally taking the time for an LJ update, after having completed all four of my flash reports and financial variance reports. (Ugh. The parade is off by 5%, the worst I’ve done in years. But it shouldn’t be; due to some anomaly in the way we collected revenue for one of the floats, it can’t be credited to the parade budget. So even though we have the $10,000, the parade budget looks off by that amount. This is really bugging me. For those of you who know me well, you know what I mean.)

Next week I go to West Palm Beach for the FFEA Conference, and I’m going to finally meet Carrie while I’m there! I’m so excited, because she’s become quite a confidante and supporter in the past months (since we started our ‘running buddy’ thing).

And Ligaya’s going with me, so that will be tons of fun. She used to live and work in south Florida, and she has lots of contacts there. Justin and Christina are in concert in Ft. Lauderdale while we’re there, and Ligaya’s friend is the promoter or runs the venue or something, and he read in my bio that I like “attending pop concerts” and offered to hook us up. So we’re going to drop by backstage!

I’ve almost finished preparing for my two sessions. I’m still picking out slides for one, and I need to complete my own notes for both. But I’ve made all the handouts, and I’m ready to mail them to the hotel. We leave Tuesday and fly nearly all day. The actual conference is Wednesday through Friday.

Charlie has spent hours html-ing my session outlines. I’m pleased about it, because if I run out of handouts, I can just refer them to the website. Charlie has lots of plans for while I’m out of town. She and sister Sue will do several things together, so it will probably seem like a little vacation for both of them.

Tomorrow I get my hair done and I’m using Alex’s salon to get a liquid tan sprayed on. Then I need to decide what I’m packing, the worst part.

It’s beautiful here again today. We’re having quite a nice summer!

I’d better get back to work. I haven’t filled out my time allocations all week, so it will take me an hour to catch up. And I still need to go to the Post Office.

Hello to all my LJ friends! Hope your summer is going well.
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