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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
MRI -- some fun! 
14th-Jul-2003 02:15 pm
Well, I thought they were just going to cram me in that big metal tube and force me to lie still. I had no idea they were injecting dye in one arm and giving me a shot to relax my stomach and bowel muscles in the other.

First my earrings went flying, because they're metal, not silver. Wild.

Then I lie there listening to some tunes (Michelle Branch, Daniel Bedingfield, etc.) while the machine makes sounds like alien ray guns, jackhammers and other not-so-nice devices.

It took about an hour. I flushed all over (especially in the groin!) from the dye, and then when my bowel muscles woke up, I had a little problem at work. Supposedly this particular drug also screws with your blood sugar, so I was not feeling that good. I ended up going in for my teeth cleaning and getting turned away because I refused to take the pre-meds. I've had enough foreign crap in my body, thanks.

Anyway, hopefully this test will determine finally when and if I have surgery. I'm tired of being poked and prodded at this point.

At 6:30 tomorrow morning Ligaya and I take off for Florida! I'm nearly finished with my presentations -- just a few more notes to make.

For Ryan ryan_beaches: I loved it during the Carson Daly roast ("MTV Bash") when Madonna was showing photos of all the girls Carson had boffed, and one of them was Ryan Seacrest! I think her comment was, "For sure he's done her." I thought of you immediately!

For Deb debrajoy: Hope you enjoyed Justin and Christina! Don't know if I'll see them again in Florida or not, but I'm glad I saw them here in Portland.

For Nik nk_seashore: Thanks for the good thoughts, and thank your mom for me, too. Back 'atcha both! Everything's going to be fine, I know!

'See' ya'll when I get back!
14th-Jul-2003 02:40 pm (UTC) - Hang In!
And have a really, really GREAT trip!

(Give Carrie a kiss from me. That should freak her... naw! LOL.)

I'm sorry your test was such a bitch. I hear that! ROFL. Your earrings went flying? Weird...

So when do you get back from the trip again? I'm soooo envious! LOL. (Naw. Glad you're getting to go. That's way cool. Or really, pretty hot, I suspect.)

Hope you do get to meet Justin and Christina, by the way! I'd love that!

Mom and I will keep on praying for you (as always). Share more news when you have it, of course!

Many, many hugs,

16th-Jul-2003 11:15 pm (UTC) - Good Wishes!
I do hope you have a lovely trip! (Difficult time to visit Florida, but I'm sure you'll find some comfortable places to play, what?)

Anyway, hopefully this test will determine finally when and if I have surgery. I'm tired of being poked and prodded at this point.

I'm so sorry to hear this. Hopefully it's nothing too serious? My best thoughts are with you...

Yes, yes, I loved the joke about Ryan Seacrest, too. Quite amusing. I thought the 'Bash' was very entertaining. (And unlike many I find Carson delightful.)

I hope you'll post about your trip on your return home!

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