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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Thinking about fanfic in the middle of the night . . . 
5th-Dec-2005 01:08 am
colin - blah: charliemc
I just loved Jimbo's 'Boondocks Saint' story. I need to go to rain_of_gold and feedback it, as well as in his new fic journal. What I like about Jimbo is his fearlessness. He'll try anything, he'll write about anything, he'll post it all publicly. And his writing reflects that fearlessness.

I really want to work on a few of my old WIPs and write the new mpregs I've got in mind. That was really my goal for December. In the meantime, I'm doing some actual reading (which is so rare). I am determined not to be the one known for never having finished a book in the book club.

I've made several friends from the ka100 community, which is a huge bonus. And I'm still actively feedbacking nearly everything I read there, because it's so easy to read a drabble and the ones posted there are so imaginative and well written. I gave up on slashthedrabble because I don't know most of the fandoms and the few things I posted were so random.

It will be interesting to see if Michael, Jimbo and Kit get their new drabble community off the ground.
5th-Dec-2005 03:12 pm (UTC)
Hi MM love reading your posts always.

Jimbo is fearless but he's so talented too so combine the two and it gives the reader something to look forward to when you see a new fic from him.

But ... I have noticed something, something about everyones fic here, no one goes very far in describing the body parts, or maybe I want to say, no one gets explicit with the sexual act.

And no one needs to because their stories are just right. But I tend to want to do that and that concerns me. I don't know if it's the right thing to do.

I have a little fic I'm sitting on because I'm at the part where two men are finally in bed and I have a tendency to want to talk about very detailed sexual parts, maybe this is just porn or something.

And maybe something of that type should not be posted here. So I'm thinking I can just leave out that part.
5th-Dec-2005 05:23 pm (UTC)
I think you should write whatever you feel like - everybody has their own style. I have to admit I've done some stuff that I thought was a little too close to "porn", but as long as there is some story with it, I think it's okay. I tend to shy away from too much detail when writing slash because hey - I know jack about it, really. Don't have the equipment, so I'm not as confident. But the m/f stuff I can write.

If you're not confident about what you're writing, you can always have it beta'd by somebody whose opinion you respect, someone you know will tell you. But really, I don't see anything wrong with "too much detail". Frankly, that can be really hot.
5th-Dec-2005 07:52 pm (UTC) - Good Deal.
I love the way you write mpregs -- so I'd love to see you write more of them!

(Actually, I love everything you write, so just keep on writing and sharing, please. LOL.)

I loved Jimmy's story, too. He's such a talented writer. I agree that he seems fearless in what he'll write and share. I'm glad he hasn't ever backed down on that.

Yeah, I gave up on slashthedrabble ages ago. It should probably be called something else, as it focuses on only two or three slash fandoms, tops. It wore me down, personally!

I hope they do get going on their community! I'd love to take part in it...


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