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Gene McCarthy dead . . .

Just thinking about one of my all-time political icons, Eugene McCarthy, dead at 89.

One of the most intellectual, truly inspirational men who ever went into politics (which seems impossible now). After Bobby was assassinated (one of the low points of my life), I got politicized by McCarthy (one of the high points). I was years from being able to vote (13?), but I'll never forget going downtown and working at his campaign headquarters. I looked too 'hippie-ish' to be handing stuff out on the street, and they were trying to keep his image more mainstream.

Charlie and I went to see McCarthy speak, and we had his campaign song on a record: "If you love your country, and the things for which it stands, vote for Gene McCarthy and bring peace to this our land!"




What a crock.

The 1968 Democratic convention was one of the most bitter times in American politics, and it ruined me for years and years. I just didn't give a damn anymore (even though my well-to-do grandparents in Minnesota were crowing; they used to get a Christmas card from Humphrey every year).

Have I mentioned that I wouldn't give up even one year of my life and experiences, even if it erased every wrinkle from my face . . . and if you're a troll and looking at this entry and thinking how old I must be, you're absolutely, completely fucking wrong. And I feel sorry for you.

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