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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Christmas Eve and I'm thinking about exorcism . . . 
24th-Dec-2005 07:13 pm
colin runner: brn_gamble
My goodness, I haven't updated in days. Got terribly sick after a couple cocktails with the girls the other night, and then had a fuzzy head for a day or so. Today was lovely and mild, and we drove out Highway 30, then Marine Drive. Very nice. It's supposed to rain for the next several days.

Sue came for our traditional Christmas Eve Chinese food feast from the old Wishing Well. I'm absolutely stuffed.

I've been fascinated for the past couple weeks with 'The Exorcist' and the two prequels, both starring Stellan Skarsgard from 'King Arthur' as the younger Father Merrin. The two prequels are the same story, just with some different twists, different actors playing key roles by different directors. It's probably one of the only times I know of that something like this happened -- they made the movie, then didn't like it and re-did it immediately.

I like both versions in different ways. The Renny Harlin version is much more stylish, and Father Merrin is a stronger character. But in Paul Schrader's version you see more of a change in him from the beginning to the end, and I like the ending (the characterisation of the demon) much better in Schrader's. (And that Stellan Skarsgard has a nice ass, may I say.)

Anyway, Father Merrin is now going to figure in my next Colin Farrell slash adventure, which I must write while I'm on vacation! (I haven't written one for months!) Is it a coincidence that yesterday both my odometer and my trip meter had the number '666' at exactly the same moment??!!

Saw 'Brokeback Mountain' last night, and it just sticks with you.

Got Civilization IV today, but I'm not opening it until Christmas! I sold two of my airline tickets and used the money for the game and for the Chinese food.

Wish 'The New World' was playing somewhere close tomorrow. Oh, well, soon enough I guess . . .
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