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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Just for fun -- 
28th-Jul-2002 01:34 am
I'm really excited that B.J. has asked me to do a "Britney" journal with her. She knew I was a big fan from stuff she's read about me, and she wanted to share the responsibility (and the fun) of doing a Brit journal.

So, with the help of Kevin and Milo (thank you, thank you!), we used one of my codes to get the thing started. I think it will be tons of fun. Since I have strong feelings about the whole use of RP in fiction and the responsibility of using someone's real name, I'm going to be pretty careful about what I write. I think B.J. will do most of it, but I'll still help out (mostly with advice, I think).

What a week I've had! Two nights until 9:30 or later and a stupid eye infection for most of the week. I haven't worked out once (just a little tonight), and I binged on carbos last weekend.

I made a huge breakthrough in Civ III! I won a diplomatic victory! I got elected head of the United Nations, after working to avoid war (impossible) and trying to stay out of trouble (annoying). Now I'm going back to the same game and try for the cultural and the space race victory, just to see what the scores will be.

I'm addicted to that game. Thank God at least Leo understands. Well, Charlie understands my addictions to things like this, even if she doesn't share them. She's supportive, anyway, of anything that relieves stress. I think the stress caused from the game is positive stress, because -- unlike life itself -- you can actually win!

So happy to hear about James' baby. Hope all is going well. My colleague at work might become a father this weekend. We waited on Friday for the call to come. His wife is in the same sort of situation as James' wife was, just this week going off the medication that has kept her from going into premature labor.

Okay, boring stuff, I know! Today at Wal-Mart (yes, we shop there a lot!) they were playing Britney's Dream Within a Dream Tour -- a different version than the November 2001 concert. Wonder where it came from . . . I got a new t.v. for my office, 19 inches. (Since I have cable, I might as well be able to see it!)

I'm not doing too well at keeping a journal. My life is far too boring to read and re-read about! But the Brit thing should be fun. We'll see. (Thanks, B.J.!)
28th-Jul-2002 09:47 pm (UTC) - Let Me Know...
...if either you or BJ need any more help! I'm glad to be able to assist (and you're very welcome--it was nice being thanked!).

If you guys get 'tired' of that background, I'll work up something else for you. (And keep me posted on how fast/slow it loads. I can always compress it more if need be.)

Sorry to hear about your long days--and the eye infection! Both sorry lousy...

Nice to have you as a new friend!

30th-Jul-2002 11:20 am (UTC) - This Is Good News!!!
Glad to see you involved in the 'pretending,' MM. I don't see why not. (After all, I heard about your little dress-up last Halloween. LOL.)

Glad to see you posting to your LJ a tad, too. I always enjoy reading what you have to say... (You're one of those folks who has something worth reading in my mind--so do keep it up when you can find the time!)

Now, you two going to find a way to let us know who is posting when? LOL. Or not?

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