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My treadmill!

I bought my new treadmill yesterday, and I'm SO excited!!!!!

It's a ProForm XP 650E, and it was on a fantastic sale at Sears -- such a good sale that I went ahead and bought the three year maintenance contract. Since I'm planning on pounding the hell out of the thing, I need to make sure I can fix it if necessary. And it's got so much electronic crap all over it, I don't want to have to worry about it going out. It's got a built-in fan, which is very cool, and plenty of room for my remotes for the TV and DVD player. The belt is 19 inches wide (instead of the 14 on my current Tmill), and that gives me so much room!

It gets delivered on January 11, so in the meantime I'm forced to use the mini-tramp and walk on my current Tmill (which is emitting a pretty awful smell now from the belt or motor or whatever burning out).

I'm happy.

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