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First post of 2006

So, the new year has started. My God, December just streaked by! The 'pimps and hos' party we went to last night was quite the thing. People were really dressed for the part. Charlie and I were pretty conservative and normal in comparison. Anyway, it was fun. Then we did a few fireworks here at home (while our neighbors fired off rockets that nearly blew up their car!).

(It was sad but nice to see Dick Clark still hanging in after his stroke.)

I heard from Laurie forublue2c who's been sick and actually missed her own graduation. And when I brought in yesterday's mail late last night, my old boyfriend Tom had sent me a package containing the 'Gone With the Wind' dvd (sound familiar, Brian?)!

Today we got coffee and listened to part of Ryan Seacrest's Top 100 songs of 2005 countdown while we drove to Trojan to feed the geese. It's one of those rainy-sunny-windy days here, so we drove through several downpours and saw a lot of waterfalls (and nearly got blown away when we actually got out to feed the geese).

Charlie is just a tad hung over today, and I nursed a couple beers all night, so I was okay.

I offered to help out some of my international friends at the Sean Patrick Flanery community with getting the issue of Playgirl about to come out with him on the cover. I'm sure it won't be easy, but I know how frustrating it is to have stuff happening in other parts of the world and to want access or copies or whatever. Last year (2004) Evamaria shirasade helped us out by getting us the dvd of 'Troy' long before it was released here in the states. And even though it was the wrong version to play here, we could still play it on Charlie's computer.

Encore Westerns is playing 'Big Valley' episodes all day, one of our favorite 60s shows, and it's wonderful to see them intact without commercials. It makes me wish they'd get 'Lancer' and play it, because I haven't seen it for so many years (and I'd love to write more fanfic).

And best of all, Brian brn_gamble and Jimbo just_jimbo made me a fic journal for the new year, so I can now use links to my stuff when I post to communities. It's mm_fanfic, although it's empty of fanfic right now. I'll now have all my LJ fanfic in one place, along with any comments. I think I'll just start using it as I post to communities from here on, but I'll probably go back and put 'Fecund Knight' and 'Paris' Confinement' there (and maybe my KA drabbles), in case I ever want an easy link to them. There's no way I could ever get all my fanfic there -- it would take forever! (It's certainly easier to load fanfic into LJ than to html everything and put it on a website, though.) Thank you, Jim and Brian, for doing this for me, because I doubt I would have ever taken the step.

ETA: I never thanked kukkurkurat for the lovely ecard she sent me a while back!

And our cable went out just after I posted earlier and stayed out all day. I guess it must have been the wind!

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