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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Aussie Open! 
16th-Jan-2006 02:05 am
angelina tinted: charliemc
The Australian Open has begun. Let's hope it gets more interesting as it goes along . . . No Nadal. No Agassi.

Leslie's dad's funeral was really something. Everyone should go to at least one African American funeral a year, to be reminded of what it's like to really feel something, to emote, to share. Last year it was dear Victor. We didn't know Leslie's dad, but it was fascinating to learn about his family. And the pastor was unbelievable, one of the best speakers I've ever heard.

Sometimes I think we fit better with black people than white.

Another run on the treadmill tonight:

January 15, 60 mins., 3.5 speed (played a tiny bit with the grade).

Watched 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' for inspiration. (Wow, boring movie, considering the gorgeous subjects.)

As of tonight, I've been working out steady for six weeks now.

And happy birthday to Joey fatjoey. Hope he had fun today with his college pals. In a month or so it will be the fifth anniversary of the day (night) we met for the first time (at the bar inside the Rose Garden Arena). Time flies when you're having fun!
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