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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Australian Open winds down . . . 
28th-Jan-2006 12:28 am
Justin Henin-Hardenne has never been a favorite. And she just sent women's tennis backwards, giving up in a final because she didn't feel well. That hasn't happened in a Grand Slam final in decades. Why not wait until you collapse on the court? Why not have an ambulance back up to the sidelines?

Yes, I used to get tired of Sampras slumping around the court, puking and hanging his head. But he never quit because he had a stomach ache. If she was going to do that, why not give up during her match with Lindsay or with Maria?

Well, I'm glad Mauresmo finally won a big one, anyway, even if she had three opponents retire. (And how horrible that Kim will now be out for two months. I think it's time to start listening to all the whining about that surface.)

Anyway, I'm in tennis withdrawal. No late matches tonight for the first time in ages! So, I'm playing Slingo. Might as well let a little more spyware get to my computer!

Another storm has hit. It's supposed to pour all three days of my three-day weekend. Oh, well! I've got my treadmill, thank goodness. And I want to get some work done around the house and go see 'The New World' again. Winter will be over before we know it.
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