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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Thursday thoughts . . . 
23rd-Oct-2003 11:28 am
brit ani: charliemc
I’m sitting in my office with MTV on, and it’s around 11:00 in the morning. I just wrote two budget covers and sent them out to a couple chairpeople. It was my last chore for the 2004 budget, except for now pouring over the numbers and finding places to cut so we can get to an acceptable bottom line. That’s going to take work, and it’s going to take me the next several days to do a good job on it. The Finance Committee meets twice next week (both days at 7:00 a.m.!).

I just saw Jessica Simpson’s video for ‘With You,’ which is probably my favorite song on her ‘In This Skin’ cd. Very cute vid, making fun of herself (I want that t-shirt that says “Plata-ma-pus”), laying around in a pile of clothes, eating Chicken of the Sea tuna and buffalo wings, etc.

I need to get a hair extension and big blonde hoop earrings, but other than that I think I’m all set to play Jessica on Halloween. I just need to keep working out so I can wear my skin-tight hoochie pants. A little Kleenex in the bra should help, too. I got an off-white shawl at the Portland Opera costume sale this weekend (for a buck!), and it’ll work.

Say what you want about Jessica – she’s a beautiful woman (when she isn’t pouting). She has great skin and hair and an amazing body (which she obviously battles constantly). She’s definitely becoming another of my blonde fetishes (hint – I need icons!).

For Mike I need to find non-pierced diamond studs and a couple fake tattoos.

I’m doing the ‘mystic tan’ thing twice, on Tuesday and Thursday. I’ll be quite golden on Friday.

Alex, if you’re reading this, I have a better place to go than your girl in Gresham for the tanning. She’s off Bvtn-Hillsdale Hwy., and the results are really dramatic and lasting. And, it costs less!

My stomach muscles are aching today, which is a good thing. I did my machine the night before last, and nothing blasts my abs better than that. (It’s the Tami Lee Webb machine, and it’s definitely the best ab device I’ve ever had.) And, it only takes like ten minutes of concentrated effort!

My period is close to over, the sun is shining, I haven’t had one unpleasant email yet today, so I can’t complain. Yesterday was pretty darn stressful, but it mostly made me contemplative and introverted, not really unhappy.

Serving in the interim director position is going to ultimately be good for me. It’s really forcing me to be less self-conscious and more thick-skinned. And it doesn’t hurt me to have to make my own decisions, instead of running to a boss all the time. It’s fascinating, really.

I’m supposed to go see Dick (my ex-boss) tomorrow. He seems to be loving his new job. It’s strange now that I’m used to his not being here. I can’t quite describe the way I feel. I doubt we’re going to end up staying that close, but I guess we’ll see.

I have so many boring things I need to do. Clean out my rolodex, find some old notes from Nominating Committee, go through hundreds of budget notes page by page. I’d rather go shopping. Or go take a walk. Or just lay around and watch TV. It’s amazing that I managed to force myself to finish up some things this morning.

I nearly bought a used Mercedes last week. I really came close. It would have cost close to the same per month as the Honda I just paid off, with higher insurance and gas. And ultimately, I don’t need the current obligation. I still don’t have my contract with this place (and I may never have one, for that matter), and I may end up not liking whoever gets chosen as the new exec. I need to try to reduce my financial obligations, not add to them. I need to pay off two VISAs. I’m already lowering my house payment. I just hope my car lasts another year.

The car was beautiful. It was a small, sporty model, white and in perfect condition. It drove like a dream. Who know? Someday I may have a car like this, but I won’t die if I don’t. The most important thing to me is to have a car that performs well, is reliable and safe.

I’m starting to train again for the half-marathon. I have five months to get in much better shape than I was in last year and do a better time. And since it looks like I won’t have to have surgery, I can just go for it!

Time to get busy, I guess. I haven’t written in so long, I thought it was about time. Hello to all my friends! Great to see some of you posting. Welcome back, Evamaria! And we heard from Deb last week, which was a nice surprise. Special thoughts to Nik nk_seashore who seems to be in a reflective mood. (Say hi to your mom and dad!)
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