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"You're gorgeous!"

I have to obsess for a moment on the Colin sex tape.

It must be wonderful to have Colin telling you how "fucking gorgeous" you are all during sex. And to call you a princess and tell you how hot you are, etc., etc.

I have a feeling he'd be saying the same thing to that senior citizen actress he tried to bed, not just to a Playboy model.

I now know why the same Playboy model waxed poetic on Howard Stern a few years ago about the young Irish actor she was sleeping with, describing how many times a night he could do it.

And those comments Colin made after 'A Home at the End of the World' about his private part being unimpressive? Personally, I'm impressed. And I'm always impressed by a man with an enthusiastic mouth, both for talking and for other activities. Not to mention a cat-lover. (And it was a very pretty little white kitty, who had a hard time getting attention amidst all the action and the porn scattered around the apartment.)

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