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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Much to do . . . 
3rd-Feb-2006 09:45 pm
janice rose: charliemc
What an up-and-down week this has been. My energy level has been sporadic, and I've needed more energy and concentration than I've been able to muster. I'm a little frustrated by my lack of progress on the weight/fitness front.

Still, I'm hanging in there, about to do my bills and prepare for an ugly windstorm on its way (that might mean we lose our electricity for a while). I'm planning on going in to the office this weekend and cleaning off my desk, and I'm going to work on Jenny's review, look at my own review (!) and work on the float sponsor manual.

Plus, I'm getting back on the treadmill tonight (for the third time this week). I think I'll just walk tonight and plan on running on Sunday and trying for another 90 minutes. (I did 60 on Wednesday.)

On the boyfriend(s) front, things are moving along. I have no idea where it will all lead.

In catching up with my friends list, I read that shirasade's mom had a hysterectomy this week. Hope she recovers soon. Having been through this nearly two years ago, I know what it's like.

And I'm so pleased that just_jimbo wrote a drabble this week. Hope it's a sign of more to come (I miss his stuff).
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