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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
One more day . . . 
25th-Feb-2006 01:26 am
colin smokin': brn_gamble
One more day and I can sleep in. I worked until 7:00 tonight, and I let Jenny know I was *really* serious about not helping out tomorrow. I know she would have accepted that. Her answer was, "If you don't come, we'll get it done."

Well, I promised Kelly I'd come and she could help me out and we could be snarky together like the old days. So I'll go at 9:00 tomorrow and stay 'til noon at least. My time would be so much better served by being at work instead of jurying. I got a bit stressed around 6:00 p.m. tonight when I had an intense young chairman in my office, Peter wanting to talk to me and an email from Jodi telling me she needed some of my time. And my calendar for next week has five meetings on Monday, four on Tuesday plus an afternoon at the Food Bank and six meetings on Wednesday. This week I had three days of fewer meetings and actually got some work done.

I came up with a plan. I'm going to suggest to my boss that the front desk be supervised by someone else. I've *got* to give some things up. And I'm starting to give Bridget my calls before it gets ridiculous. And I'm having a talk with Rich on Monday, come hell or high water.

All that being said, it's only four more months of hell (but the Centennial looms).

Last night we went to the Sten campaign kickoff in N.E. (great venue!), then to OMSI for the IMAX shorts with my film guys, their sig-o's and three of the engineers. It was very cool. And I may have a film funding meeting next week, so I'm not even close to giving up the project, regardless of how many other things are closing in.

After talking to Dani today, I felt lucky at where I am both physically and mentally. I'm so worried about her. I told her to forget the half marathon and concentrate on herself. Her training is stalled and she really needs to take care of herself and her family right now.

I think if I can muster up the energy, I'll go to the track Sunday and assess where I am before I make my own decision about the April race. I *did* do 90 minutes on Wednesday, and it was a great run, so . . . Coincidentally, I got the email blast today from AA Sports with the link to sign up for the race.

Can Tom possibly be as understanding and empathetic as he appears? I'm sceptical (as always), but I'm enjoying it. Reminds me of the old days when a stressful day would be interrupted by a wonderful email from Nik saying what an amazing woman I am and how much he cared. It's nice.

And I got at least one indecent proposal from an old flame today. So . . . that's always nice.
25th-Feb-2006 09:43 am (UTC) - Ah-Ha!
And I got at least one indecent proposal from an old flame today. So . . . that's always nice.

So my guess is Ron B.

Am I right? (grin)

Yeah, I miss Nik. Those were good times. (smile)

I meant to post today about yesterday. I spent ages today telling Sue all about it...

You know, Tom was always the sweetest guy. I'll go with him being as sweet as ever. Hey, maybe more so!

And Dani. That's so sad...

Well, we're blessed. I'm grateful every day, as I know you are.

It's worth all the hard work. Right?

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