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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
The sun came out! 
23rd-May-2005 12:17 pm
We're seeing the sun for the first time in ages. It's supposed to be up to 80 degrees by Wednesday, which makes me superstitious, because we need the good weather from June 2-12. This always seems to happen.

Anyway, we'll be sitting on the deck on Wednesday afternoon for our managers meeting and for Coronation judging. That's nice at least.

I've been slammed so far this morning with details and a few complaints about yesterday's event. It's always nice to have people yelling at you on your voice mail first thing in the morning. I tend to forget that this is what the special events business is like -- nobody calls to tell you how fabulous it was and how much they enjoyed it!

Finished "Scars" last night -- at least the one version of the story. This one will have alternate endings based on the alternate endings of the movie and novel version of 'S.W.A.T.' My plan is to have people vote on which end they like the best in order to choose which to use at the website. But I think I know which end will be the best, dramatically -- and that's the movie version.

Oooh. I need a "Scars" icon. Hint.

The fic is rough and needs some work, but I was pleased about finishing it. Sad ending, but the movie was sad, in my opinion, when it came to Street/Gamble. I did a lot of research on Los Angeles cemetaries, and chose a spot that had a really nice view for Brian's grave. Well, there's a spoiler for you, if you happen across this and haven't seen the movie.

The final season of 'Queer as Folk' started last night. Charlie and I have gotten interested in it again, and we've been catching up on the last two seasons. It's still the best portrayal of gay life you can find on an on-going basis.

Just got interrupted by three emails. Had to send the Coronation script I updated on Saturday to the TV producer for our last production meeting tomorrow morning. Can't believe it's just ten days until the Coronation!

Heard Howie on Z100 this morning. He was supposed to be on Friday but didn't call in time. He was so typical 'boyband automaton' in this interview, it was unbelievable: He's a man -- he doesn't cry. It's not like he's gay ("that's for sure!" he said) -- he's in a relationship but still "window-shopping." They got back together for the fans, bla bla bla. I guess the radio stations aren't allowed to ask what happened with the lawsuit against the record company.

Anyway, it was nice to hear him but strange that he hasn't changed a note in four years!

The deejay mentioned how well 'Incomplete' is doing, but I'd like to note that I haven't heard it even one time on a Portland radio station, and I've *never* seen it on MTV Hits. I noticed it was #7 on the VH1 Top Twenty, though. (I don't know if I've ever seen BSB on VH1's countdown before.)

Tonight I'm doing the treadmill. That's final.

Shout out to both Becky and Evamaria who welcomed me back! You guys are so sweet!

Off to the dry cleaner, then back to work! Big Public Relations meeting tonight . . .
25th-May-2005 05:09 am (UTC) - Welcome Back!
I can't wait to read your new "S.W.A.T." fic!!! I love your writing so much.

Sounds like work is crazy for you. Hang in there!

It's great to see you here at LJ.

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