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Peacock bite!

We drove to Maryhill today and fed french fries to the peacocks who eat right out of your hands. They surrounded us around the picnic table, and one of the hungry hens bit my finger. I was laughing so hard I cried.

Then we went up to Stonehenge and climbed down to Sam Hill's grave and sat on a boulder. It was so warm and beautiful. We drove back much of the way on the Washington side, then took the toll bridge to Hood River, something we've never done. By the time we got to town, it was raining.

Why didn't we take the damn camera? This is one of my biggest gripes, even though I'm never the one who manages to upload photos and put them in my journal. At least Charlie would have.

I'm watching 'Crash' as I write this, and it's really pretty amazing.

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