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Thank God it's Friday . . .

I can't believe how worn out I am, considering I didn't even work Monday! This has been an incredibly intense week, and now I need to write a speech for the pres and go over our volunteer policies for next week's training session (otherwise I'll have to do it this weekend). And I need to catch up my April time tracking or I'm gonna be screwed. Next Friday financial forecasts are due, and that's gonna create some stress around here.

Jenny heads to Mexico for much of next week, Rich is off today for his birthday, the 'boss' is out on family business, and it's strangely quiet. Stormy weather is moving in for the weekend, meaning no compulsive driving around, I guess. I need to do bills (what, again?!!) and clean out old magazines and sleep.

Yesterday went so well. Lineup in record time (90 minutes for the first phase, then we didn't have to make one change). I felt like I was moving slowly and changing my mind a lot, but it meant the thing laid out perfectly in the end. I had a crowd, mostly folks doing nothing but standing around watching.

Orientation ran long, but I was impressed with the girls. They are sharp! I left at 7:30 and Jenny and Peter were still here.

Yawn. I need Starbucks.

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