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Easter Eve . . .

What a lovely day, despite the cold, nasty weather. (It felt like February today, not April!!)

First I wrote a drabble for ka100, my first in ages. Then we took a crate of salty carbohydrates down to the office for the all the folks working today (I'll probably work tomorrow) courtesy of the huge box the high school boyfriend delivered yesterday, then went to Desiree's sale of her mother's stuff in West Linn, then headed out east to the open house of a historic home we've always wanted to visit. We ended up getting there just in time, then had a wonderful time talking to the three women who were hosting (in their long, period dresses). It was wonderful, a place full of more treasures than I've ever seen. And we've *got* to tie them in with our Centennial celebration next year. It really got my brain clicking. We spent more than an hour there, looking at the stuff and chatting.

Charlie will end up having nice photos and links, and maybe I'll gack some of them. In the meantime, I've got to experiment with the photo feature so I can do it myself (instead of always asking her to do it for me).

So, why do they always play 'The Ten Commandments' at Easter? It just doesn't compute as an Easter story. Maybe I should be thinking of it as a Passover story . . . I tried to watch 'The Passion of the Christ' on cable, but I couldn't quite do it. But I did manage to watch Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner strut around in short skirts for a while. (Was Anne Baxter one of the worst actresses ever? Why do I feel such a fondness for her, even though she was so hard to watch? My god, just looked her up at IMDB, and she died at 62 of a stroke, which is sounding younger and younger to me.)
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