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Cinco de Mayo tomorrow . . . er, today!

Today (in a few hours) we head up to the re-dedication of Vista House. I hope the damn battery on the camera doesn't conk out! I totally spaced it, and now it's too late to get a new one. Charlie and I will be waving and smiling from the back of an antique car. Hope the good weather holds!

I'm supposed to go to Kristin's birthday celebration tomorrow (Friday) night, but I think we'll go to 'M:I 3' instead. Without Kelly and Andie, it just wouldn't be the same. Last year our board meeting and Kristin's 30th were both on Cinco de Mayo (which fell on Thursday night), and we had a big party afterward at Barracuda. Dan gave us a VIP area, and we invited our favorite board members to join the staff. I got a $200 room at Embassy Suites to crash in afterward, and the three of us girls ended up sharing a very big bed in the wee hours of the night. I actually spent a couple hours puking while Kelly and Andie slept it off, and I could barely make it to the office the next morning. How uncharacteristic of Reliable Me. I'll never forget the hilarious search for Andie's keys (which we thought were in a certain person's backseat but were actually in her purse).

Last year was all about Party.

This year is all about Work.

That's okay, really.

Dani's birthday is May 5, too, and she's 'celebrating' (actually working) in Hawaii. I need to send her a card, at least, since she delivered a Starbucks gift certificate to my office for my birthday. She called late last week, and she seems to be doing better. But now I'm worried about Adrian.

In the meantime, Andie's moving back to Portland, so that's good. And Kelly called today so we yuck it up over a hilarious turn of events at the office. ('turn of events' seemed like a fitting phrase!)

All my girls . . .

The carbohydrate orgy continues. Tom delivered another huge box of chips today, and I prompty scarfed two little bags of Cheetos when I got home tonight. So far this week I've had pizza twice. Eventually I'll put the brakes on, but evidently not today.

And on the work front, I did an interview on KXL this afternoon, and I have a strange suspicion I sounded like I was on crack. I'd spent a little too much time this afternoon scrutinizing rain insurance, and I couldn't help yammering on about it. I rarely hear the results of these interviews (which is a good thing), so I can only guess.

Great (Unexpected) news: The Finance Committee approved my Centennial $$ this morning! Unbelievable.

ETA: This entry ended up long. But I'm not bothering with a cut anyway.

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