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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Vamos Festival (and Rafa)! 
3rd-Jun-2006 10:36 am
rose sparkle : charliemc
(Happy Birthday, Rafa! Is that a banana in your throat, or are you just happy to see me?)

So, how can I catch up? I really can't, so I just need to move on.

I had a few too many adult beverages at last night's fireworks party. I was surprised how much fun I had, but then Kelly and Adrian came, so why not? I'm sure I went a bit far (hope I didn't scare the beautiful p.r. intern), but I did meet and greet some of the people I was supposed to. And the weather was perfect.

So far today is beautiful, but we're supposed to get more rain tonight and tomorrow. We'll see. We were supposed to have rain yesterday and last night, too, and it didn't materialize.

I just believe it's going to be a good year, all the way around.

Since MSN.com called us one of the top ten things to do all summer, things just seem to keep rolling. This was the most amazing media week I've ever had, almost overwhelming. And Rich and Jeff are both loving it, really rising to the occasion.

Aside from a slight hangover and sore feet, I'm feeling good today. I need to go into the office and get some stuff out, then I think I'll park, head down to the waterfront, then to the formation for the Starlight Parade at 6:00 or so. Just checked the front page of the paper, and the Starlight map is there (and they used the sponsor names, thank goodness!) What a difference a year makes! Last year on this date we had a color photo on the cover of the pissed off Buffalo Soldiers, and I spent most of the day dealing with negative press.

And I just read the editorial, and it was wonderful. Here's a quote

But it's important to remember that the festival isn't just an old rose, to be tucked away in tissue paper. In today's terms, even though the festival has struggled in some recent years to break even, it remains an important factor in boosting hotel, restaurant and other tourism-related revenue in the region. The last study done of the festival's total economic effect pegged it at $80 million a year.

If Portland Rose Festival organizers continue to be as tightly focused on making it a business success as they've been in the past year, it will be with us forever.

We hope it will be -- always old and always new.

Wow. I guess that one came from our meeting last March . . . that was time well spent.
Tomorrow we have a front page story coming out that our beat reporter has been working on for weeks. That one should be interesting . . .

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In another day or two (or three or four), we'll start sliding into home. And it will be the winning run! (Whoops. Mixing my sports metaphors. I should have said sliding into the final winning topspin forehand!)
3rd-Jun-2006 06:54 pm (UTC)
The 'banana' thing should be with him forever. Amusing as hell. (I'm still chuckling.) He's an interesting young man...

You're entitled to a hangover now and then. It's been forever and a day since we've done more than 'split a beer,' so what the hell. (I admit I'm feeling no effect, though, from my one beer and sip of brandy... smile...)

I'm delighted by the good press this year. It's stunning! When did the media 'get on board' with the Association? And, yeah, what a difference a year makes!

I'm continuing to envision good weather, personally. If I can see it happening...
3rd-Jun-2006 09:19 pm (UTC)
Good for you! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your weather and everything else goes well. You deserve it.
4th-Jun-2006 09:14 am (UTC)
It's like a domino,

Once everything starts going well, everything gets only better!

But if the weather is good, please send some to us, it feels like winter here!!!
15th-Jun-2006 05:41 am (UTC)
That icon rocks!!! (I just had to comment.)

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