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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
How do you define success? 
12th-Jun-2006 04:53 pm
Just had a talk with our E.D. about the fabulous success we had this weekend (great events, great weather, great crowds) and how strangely many of us reacted to things. Drama, emotion, etc., when it's least expected. Including him, for that matter, overreacting to an article that featured him in an unflattering light . . . and until today I didn't realize he was taking that personally.

We have the most amazing staff, hard-working, competent and visionary. It's absolutely unbelievable what we do with such a small group of paid folks and a huge contigent of volunteers. But on Saturday afternoon, after two fantastic events that came off with near perfection, I was completely put off by a couple comments made to me down at the Village office. I wanted to celebrate, and I felt like my parade was rained on, so to speak. And even though I didn't show it, I was pissed.

We do so many things in the period of three weeks, and some of us work at events that take days to set up and run for days. Others of us, like me, do events that are relatively short and intense and logistically complex with live TV and layers of operations. It takes different personalities to excel at one or the other, and sometimes those personalities don't necessarily mesh, especially when we're tired.

It's funny. When it comes to my physicality, I'm a long distance runner (literally). I know I can keep going if I need to, as long as I don't have to go too fast.

But when it comes to my events skillset, I'm at my best in a highly intense short-term environment. I can spend months developing strategy and plans and maps and timelines, but when the event is happening, I can think fast and react fast and make things happen, like a news producer or director.

If I had to sit at the park (our 'festival center') for eleven days dealing with vendors and customers and issues, I'd go flippin' crazy.

It takes all kinds to make a successful team.

And even the most successful team can individually rub each other the wrong way or bring each other down occasionally. It's nothing personal.

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14th-Jun-2006 08:43 am (UTC)
You're so good to us, Jim. I'm still delighted that we met you...

And I like to see Marilyn get the respect she deserves, as well. She does most of the time, by the way. (Though there are those rare moments... smile...)

Did you send that sunshine our way? If so, many thanks! (grin) We lucked out on weather this year. (About time!)

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