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So I dragged my ass out of bed in time for the 7:30 officers call, and I sat on the stupid phone for 15 minutes waiting for the "chairman" to call in, but nothing happened.

So now I might as well go take a bath and get myself ready for work.

Only worked for about three hours on Saturday. I got a few of my thank yous done, mostly for the staff. Then we went to the pride parade yesterday for about an hour, then spent close to four picking up artist donations for the auction and taking them back to the office. Man, Rich rocked helping us. This was the best year ever for that task (which I hate).

I felt like death last night, but the good part is, it's now officially over.

I have Exec Committee at 4:00 this afternoon, and I need to make sure I get my time tracking done today. And I need to start coding bills, which is a long, tiresome process. Still, Wednesday is our 'story day' where we'll have a potluck and share our favorite 2006 festival memory (what's mine?) and then Thursday afternoon is movie day. Woohoo!

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