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Wimbledon seedings . . .

Just went to the Wimbledon website and saw that Nadal was indeed seeded second and Agassi is seeded 25th. Not sure if these were done by straight rankings. I have a feeling they were, since Clijsters was seeded second for the women, and based on the French Open, Henin-Hardenne should have been. (Not that it matters, really, since there is no 'huge' matchup for the women.)

Seedings should be based on the surface and the most recent data available *ON TOP* of the rankings.

Just checked, and it's DEFINITELY not based on rankings. Roddick is seeded 3, and he's currently ranked 15. And Agassi hasn't played enough to be ranked in the Top 50. Hewitt is seeded 6 and ranked 16 right now (but he just won Queens). And my boy Kiefer didn't even get seeded although he's ranked 14. On the women's side, Venus is seeded 7 and currently ranked 12.

Anyway, they do the draw tomorrow.

And today is 'movie day' for us at work. Charlie and I are going with most of the boys to 'Nacho Libre.' Most of the girls are going to 'The Breakup.'

Just reminds me of the name of my NaNo novel: "No Chick Flicks, Please"

Tomorrow is my first day off in 26 days (but who's counting) -- and the first full weekend since May 6!! I'll actually have a three-day weekend (with temperatures soaring), and we have loads to get done (wash the deck, a three-hour project, clean out the fountain, plant more flowers . . . get ready for summer!). But I can't wait.

Summer -- bring it!

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