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Too much to catch up on!

Good lord, I can't catch up so I won't try. Was yesterday really my first day off in a month?

I'm aching all over from hours and hours of working outside, cleaning the deck (a four-hour chore in itself), the lawn furniture, spraying the fountain, etc., etc. I was outside again by 9:00 this morning to finish the deck. When I quit last night I was green everywhere -- and I mean *everywhere* -- from muck and mildew.

Anyway, we should be able to have coffee on the deck tomorrow morning! And that feels wonderful! It's going to get in the 90s for the next several days, so summer is here with a vengeance.

(And I'm certainly out of shape!)

So, the news is:

Kevin has left the Backstreet Boys! Kevin? He's the last one I would have expected, the company man, the backbone of Backstreet. I hope he finds success in T.V. or movies or some other part of the entertainment industry . . .

Andre announced his retirement yesterday. And he did it the right way, in advance of the last two majors of the year so he could be lauded at both. Well, I guess it was about time. I also hope he finds some way to stay in the game and in the public eye, although I can't imagine him as a commentator . . . I don't think.

Both Aaron Spelling and Patsy Ramsey died. Spelling was in his 80s, but Patsy Ramsey was 49 years old. She had battled ovarian cancer for 13 years, and no doubt the horror of the whole JonBenet thing contributed to her death. It took me a long time to realize the parents hadn't murdered their daughter. This case was another example of how the media makes the news instead of reporting it and how badly the police can screw up a major case.

Time for a shower!

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