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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
Look out Roger, here he comes! 
3rd-Jul-2006 12:11 pm
thanks for the tennis memories: charliem
Nadal is into the quarterfinals at Wimbledon! Who'da thunk it? (Except me, of course. I'm telling you, he's the next Bjorn Borg!)

Well, they must have replayed the Agassi/Nadal match six times (at least) over the weekend. First we can't see it live, then we have to see it again and again and again after it's long over. (At least ESPN2 had some good tribute stuff for Andre.)

And it seems we won't see any of the tennis live this week, either, at least not for a few days. NBC is completely screwing up the coverage. I'll conceal my rant

Wtf, piece of shit NBC! Who needs you???? Even CBS has learned to play its US Open coverage live now, since the USA network has kicked its ass on providing the better telecast. It's so annoying to have the "Big Network" hold the tournament hostage for those of us on the West Coast. It absolutely fries my ass. And it's nothing to do with the time difference. It's not like London is Melbourne!

But then, this certainly plays into the Wimbledon website's live video coverage which you can purchase for around $5 a day. What a rude awakening that was. (Well, if I could get live coverage on my own TV set, I'd pay for it. No doubt about it.)

Andre, thanks for all the thrills and chills over these many, many years. It was great to watch you go out (of Wimbledon) with class. You definitely rank with my Top Five tennis players of all time: Chrissie, Jimmy, Bjorn, John and now ANDRE! (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you can win at least one round at Flushing Meadows and break Lendl's grand slam match record.)

And Rafa, you are a true gentleman and a smart lad. And you absolutely deserve to make it to the finals. And when you do, I hope you give Federer something to think long and hard about (hmmm . . . I feel a fanfic coming on). He shouldn't have discounted your chances at the beginning of the tournament. Roger is becoming a victim of his own reputation.

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