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Mistress Marilyn's POV
No shit, Tempus Fugit!
My nail is bent . . . 
12th-Jun-2005 10:46 pm
There's a woman I admire a great deal who comes and speaks to our court members every year during orientation. She was a graduate of my high school back in 1962, and she's an amazingly beautiful and gracious woman. More than ten years ago she beat breast cancer through vitamin therapy and other alternative medicines, including some sort of faith healing.

She gives a talk every year about a gilded nail she wears around her neck. The nail was taken out of the Coronation stage the year she was on the court. Her father saved it for her and had it gold-plated and made into a necklace.

Her talk has to do with controlling how our nails will be bent, because inevitably they will be. We can't go through anything important in life unchanged. And so trying to stay the same -- "be ourselves" -- and never learning or improving is just fruitless and against nature. Every year she asks, "how will your nail be bent?"

Mine has definitely been bent in the past 100 hours or so. Yesterday was the most devastating and amazing parade day I've ever had. If I'm still around next year, I wonder if I'll be spooked just remembering how bad it was -- or comforted that it can never be that bad again . . . Two disastrous breakdowns on the ramp nearly stopped us and destroyed our broadcast, but somehow we dealt with it and finished. And I swear my pulse rate never went above 70.

It was like being on a S.W.A.T. team and dealing with a hostage crisis.

Anyway, I slept much of today (which, finally, wasn't rainy!), then we went to 'Taco House' and got takeout. And now I've been playing on line for a couple hours after watching endless repeats of the first season of 'America's Next Top Model' for a while. Tomorrow we start editing our national broadcast and trying to make sense of the mess from Saturday, but I won't think about that until I'm sitting there dealing with it.

We had drinks at the Hilton last night, and then we went to Barracuda and got in the VIP entrance. I've never seen so much activity and nightlife in downtown Portland! It was like NYC. I loved Barracuda, as always, even though I was one of the 'oldest' people in the place. Janet didn't like it, though, and she wanted to leave by 1:00 or so. I drove her back to her hotel, than came home, which was fine. I only had three drinks total, so I felt fine.

'Incomplete' didn't move on the Top 40 this week. It's stuck at #9, so I doubt it will make it to #1. Oh, well. It's certainly done better than I expected. And in less than 48 hours, 'Never Gone' drops! Hope it has a good first week, at least . . .

I'm suddenly so tired. Weary is a better word, actually.

Time for bed, I think.
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